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Green Valley Sod Farm was started 35 years ago (1984). It was my dream (Becky Sirucek at that time) to grow sod on our Swan River Farm where I was born and raised, there was wheat in the fields in those days.

My Dad, Ed Sirucek, always believed and supported his kids so he helped me by letting me seed 4 acres. He bought me a 1940 tractor we called “Old Joe", a used set of 5 gang reel mowers, and a little walk-behind sod cutter. We cut the sod orders with a knife, and measured by “stepping off the footage”. Our irrigation was wheel moves. We rolled and loaded every sod roll by hand, and sold it for .10 cents a foot, because my Dad said, “It’s easy to figure”. Oh those were the days, we all say with a smile!

Fast forward 30 years, Bret and Becky moved Green Valley Sod Farm to 1275 Columbia Falls Stage Road with 120 acres of some of the richest soil in the United States with perfect PH. We have 3 pivots, two sod harvester’s and a big roll harvester, trucks, fork lifts and too many moving parts to count. We have cut, delivered and installed over 1000 acres in the last 30 years to the Flathead Valley and surrounding areas. Our sod covers commercial and residential lawns everywhere including the FVCC College, the Kalispell Regional Medical Complex, Hutton Plaza, soccer fields, churches, school playgrounds, and major golf courses from Bigfork to Eureka, big lawns and little lawns, and cemetery lots, including my Dad's who we give the most credit for Green Valley Sod's existence because he believed in me, and my dream.

We pride ourselves on a special blend of quality bluegrass sod, our customer service, keeping the price of our sod affordable, and being able to give you an “instant lawn” that looks and feels beautiful.

Our customers and landscapers are our friends and we have felt blessed to work and play and raise our two daughters on our farm, in such a beautiful place. We look back and remember how we got here and thank all of those that have helped us. We look forward to serving the valley with all its turf needs in the years to come.

~ Becky and Bret Hughes

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PHONE: (406) 755-2925
1275 Columbia Falls Stage
Kalispell, MT 59901
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